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Live Sea Kitchen Theatre at PSP Southampton Boat Show 2011
During the week local restaurant head chefs created menus that could be cooked onboard small boats by enthusiastic sailors.
We also arranged for Michelin Star chef Shaun Rankin from Jersey to come and cook in the theatre on weekends and he brought several of his suppliers along with him to talk to the boat show audiences.
Johnstone Events created and arranged The Great British Oyster Festival for the PSP Southampton Boat Show together with the Live Sea Kitchen Theatre.
Oysters arrived from producers all over the country and our fabulous expert talked about them, cooked them and gave out several 1000 samples for the public to taste and compare. The first time in the UK that such a festival has had tasting on that scale - free of charge!
A very packed Live Sea Kitchen Theatre which was designed, coordinated and managed by Johnstone Events.
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