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LBS 2012 Action Pool
Watersports Action Pool at the
TP London Boat Show 2012

LBS 2012 Sail Handling Demo
Sail Handling Demo Rig at the
TP London Boat Show 2012

The task - to install a 68m x 26m pool inside the Excel Centre with wakeboarding, freestyle kayak, paddleboarding and sailing demos...more

A new challenge - design and create a system hereby we can demonstrate and teach sail handling methods on land within the Excel Centre...more

Climb HMS Victory at the
TP London Boat Show 2012

SBS 2011 Sea Theatre
Live Sea Kitchen Theatre at
PSP Southampton Boat Show 2011

The Classic Boat Visitor Attraction at the show is a long standing favourite. This year we took advantage of the current restoration of HMS Victory rigging which meant that all the mast and yardarms...more Johnstone Events created and arranged The Great British Oyster Festival for the PSP Southampton Boat Show together with the Live Sea Kitchen Theatre...more



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